Saturday, February 28, 2009

Aaron Schock: New Republican Hope?

Aaron Schock is the embodiment of the American dream and of American success. A school board member of Peoria at age 19, school board President at age 22, state legislature at 23 and now Congressman Aaron Schock representing the 18th District of Illinois at age 27. He spoke at the Republican National Convention in support of John McCain in 2008 and won a great victory in November 2008 and is already speaking on the house floor advocating for the ideas of his party. Aaron Schock will be 35 right before the 2016 Presidential Elections. As he works hard to ride up the ranks as the youngest member of the United States Congress, can he gain the office of President and leader of the GOP by 2016? Aaron Schock is a grassroots organizer from the heartland of Illinois, a young leader and passionate about his work, already being called by the President to vote for bills. Sound familiar? So, can Aaron Schock be the new hope for the GOP in the years to come. I think so.

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