Monday, March 23, 2009

Dick Cheney: Where Did You Come From!?

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Former Vice President Richard "Dick" Cheney seemed to be rather quiet during his time at Number One Observatory, not speaking much for or against anything the President had done on a major public sphere. But now, it seems that since he's left the bubble of Washington and emptied his office at the White House, leaving it to his succesor, Joseph Biden, he has had alot to say on the actions of Joe Biden's boss, President Barack H. Obama.

Just a few months after he choppered out of Washington on January 20th, leaving it to a new era in American politics, the former Second in Command has become majorly opinionated about the Obama Administration Policies, and also many of the policies his former boss, Former President George W. Bush, concocted in his presence during their eight years at the wheel.

The Former VEEP is beginning to appear more and more on Sunday Morning Political shows, speaking his mind about what he thinks is right and wrong in Washington, something you rarely heard from the Dick Cheney of Jan 2001 to Jan 2009. Critisisms of Guantanamo Bay Closing, Obama war and anti-war policies, the economy and a few war and economic policies of his Commander in Chief have been airring nation-wide recent weeks, whereas when he had a seat in the White House, a second of Where is he now was about to be airred for him.

This great burst of opinion from Dick Cheney has surprised media personell and even myself, as I wonder why Former Vice President Dick Cheney decided to critisize Bush Administration Policies in 2009 after he left the halls of power and not in 2004, 2006 and 2008. Well, it looks like the "I really had to get that off my chest moment is over for Richard Cheney and he'll sink back into the Where is He Now conversation of least until he shoots another colleague in the face.

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