Sunday, March 22, 2009

Republican Resistance in Congress: What's the Problem?

Since Congress took oath back in early January, there's been somekind of animosity between the elephants and donkeys in Congress.

Not the usual kind of animosity either. There's some deep steming partisanship since Democrats took control on both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue.

The prime example would be the 2009 Obama Stimulus. Republicans intially made a fuss over not wanting to give support to the highly democratic bill. And what did President Obama and his congressional counterparts do?

Despite the highly philibuster-proof majority of dems in congress to pass the stimulus, Dem leaders in government conducting weeks of talks and nagotiations with GOP members to come the a concensus. And what happened? After all of that wasting of time and talks, only 3 GOP members vote for it in congress becuase the talks "didnt help the process".

Bipartisanship has been a big thing for the Obama team since day one, but Republicans are not biting. Its really for Dems now-a-days to take their high victory to stride and completely take elephants out of the equation in alot of liberal legislation, but bipartisanship has still been key.

Im in favor largely for bi-partisanship, but it's a two way street. No need to be bitter Jeb Bush Sarah Palin 2012 supporters. Call your congressmen and women and tell them "be cooperative with the other side of the aisle, or else ur not gonna get too far".

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  1. You're right. Bi-partisonship should be a two way street. Unfortunately for most Leftists in Congress bi-partisanship means Republicans do what they're told. That's not bi-partisan at all. Your idea of coming together is really just a twisted fantasy of Republicans grabbing their ankles.