Friday, March 27, 2009

Honoring Edward M. Kennedy

Senator Ted Kennedy has been in public service for the past half century. He entered the United States Senate in 1962, some 47 years ago, along the way serving as Majority Whip and chairman to many influencial Senate Committees.
He was a candidate for the Presidency in 1980, a council and brother to brothers with backgrounds as Senators, attorney general, Presidential candidates and President. Not to mention beng an advocate for much groundbreaking legislation during his time in Congress and playing an influencial role in the inception of his collegue Senator Barack Obama as the first African American and 44th President of the United States of America. This great patrairch of a long line of public servants has led a life of service, longer than many of his collegues in Congress and has moved forward the ideals of his three brothers, whose lives ended before him, at the beginning of his political career.
Edward "Ted" Kennedy is now being honored as the great public servant he has always been. 47 years after he took foot to Capitol Hill, and more than a half century after he began his ventures in service, he has been knighted as Sir Edward Kennedy by Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Her Majesty of the UK. On March 26, 2009, a bill funding national service programs, including Americorps, which turned out to be a great bi-partisan feat in congress, was unanimously and without objection chosen to bear his name, after which he recieved a standing ovation on the floor of the Senate.
Edward Kennedy is a great servant, whom America owes a great debt, and that is why this blog honors the man, servant and Senator, Edward M. Kennedy.

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