Monday, March 16, 2009

Rush Limbaugh on Obama: Why?

It seems that nationally sindicated conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has a thing for President Barack Obama. I thought that "Barack the Magic Negro" was bad back in 2007. But now, in 2009, 2 months after the "Magic Negro" becomes President of the United States, there's still some animocity.
Rush's explanation of Obama's success in "Magic Negro" was that people would vote for him, specifically white people, to make up for guilt of the mistreatment of blacks in the past two centuries. And now, since Rush Limbaugh can't find any reason why Barack Obama is successful, his simple words are: "I hope he fails".
Rush Limbaugh's bitter banter on Barack Obama over the past years have been largely exemplified due to his wish of wrong-doing not to just a Presidential candidate, but the President of the United States of America.
Rush Limbaugh's bitterness has gotten him ratings and more listeners, but has by no means made the GOP look any better. A GOP (or Rush specific) bitterness over a change in control of government is no grounds for the public redicule and chastisment by a national figure. Barack Obama has not been a bad President in his first weeks in office. Not even George W. Bush got any redicule until after his first 100 days.
My message to Rush and all the other sore losers out there: Give the guy a chance.

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